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Boost Oxygen: What is it exactly and what can it be used for?

Boost Oxygen: What is it exactly and what can it be used for?

Whether you like travelling, exercising, hiking, skiing, cycling or enjoying the sun on the beach, everyone has favourite outdoor activities. But for every adventure, it's important to have the right equipment with you.

Since the 1970s, bottled water has enjoyed great popularity as a food for activities. Hydration is important, and bottled water provides easy, instant access to essential water. But millions of people worldwide also recognise the importance of adequate oxygenation, and Boost Oxygen provides readily available pure oxygen. Like bottled water, Boost Oxygen is a smart addition to your bag or kit, regardless of your favourite activities!

What is Boost Oxygen and what are its benefits? 

Boost Oxygen is portable 95% pure oxygen in convenient, lightweight, and recyclable containers, completely over-the-counter. Many people think that Boost Oxygen is "canned air" - but this is wrong. Normal breathing air contains 21% oxygen, while Boost Oxygen delivers almost five times that. However, Boost Oxygen is not medical oxygen, it is for people with healthy lifestyles as it is 95% pure.

Who uses Boost Oxygen and why? Boost Oxygen is popular for activities in high altitude areas, helping athletes recover and helping the elderly with shortness of breath. Supplemental oxygen is also appreciated for hangovers, illness or poor air quality. These are just a few examples of the benefits you can enjoy with Boost Oxygen.

Oxygen for your sports bag 

If you like to play sports or work out, you usually think of a few things to take with you: Water, a towel, headphones, gloves, deodorant or soap. If you like swimming, you can also pack a cap or goggles. And for yoga or Pilates, your mat is a must. All Boost Oxygen canisters are portable and fit in any sports bag.

Oxygen is needed for optimal athletic performance. It can serve as an instant energy source for tired muscles. Studies have shown that it can help increase VO2 max, which boosts your performance. VO2 max measures how efficiently your body - especially your heart, lungs and muscles - uses oxygen during exercise. The higher your VO2 max, the more oxygen your body can take in and the more efficiently you can use it to produce ATP energy.

If you swim, you may know that indoor pools often have poor air quality due to many chemicals in the air and water. Using Boost Oxygen during your breaks can help you stay fresh! Proper breathing techniques are crucial for yoga and Pilates. You should always drink fluids, but also use Boost Oxygen during breaks to support your concentration, clarity and proper breathing.

Oxygen for your hiking gear 

If you like hiking, think about things like water, snacks, a multitool, a first aid kit, bug spray, a torch with batteries and a compass. Pocket-sized Boost Oxygen canisters fit perfectly in your hiking kit. For outdoor enthusiasts, supplemental oxygen can help with altitude adjustment and the headaches that often come with it. That's why supplemental oxygen is in such high demand in popular higher-altitude locations, where activities in thinner air can often lead to oxygen deprivation. In fact, WebMD recommends for those adapting to high altitudes, "Give oxygen when available." Since many people have mild symptoms, increasing their oxygen levels is often the most effective way to help them adjust and get back in shape. This is where Boost Oxygen comes in, as it is lightweight, portable and easy to use. Oxygen is also a natural and healthy source of energy for the body. Boost Oxygen can help you breathe better on long hikes and keep you fit when you feel tired.

Oxygen for your beach bag

In summer, millions of people enjoy the sun, sand and beach. You also take along essentials like a towel, sunscreen, bottled water, a bathing suit and a beach chair. But even at the beach, the air quality can be affected due to heat, humidity and ozone. Many older adults may experience breathing difficulties when going to the beach. Sunlight and sun exposure can lead to increased ozone concentrations in the air, which can be dangerous. Pollutants such as nitrogen oxides react with other chemicals and hydrocarbons in sunlight to form ozone gas. Ozone is good in the upper atmosphere because it blocks the harmful effects of the sun. But at ground level, ozone gas is harmful because it is a toxic gas that can be inhaled and cause breathing problems. High levels of ozone also increase the levels of other air pollutants in stagnant air during the summer. Taking extra oxygen to the beach can help with breathing problems in the heat and humidity of stale and sometimes polluted air. Boost Oxygen fits perfectly in any beach bag, especially the handy sizes that are ideal for pure oxygen "on the go".

Oxygen for your luggage 

A holiday or leisure trip often requires extensive planning, especially for older adults who may have breathing problems. You need to consider a variety of factors - the nature of the trip, stopovers, weather conditions, emergency contacts and more. Common travel kits usually include all daily medicines, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, plasters, tissues, cotton buds, towels and disinfectant. Adding boost oxygen canisters to your travel kit will also help you be better prepared if your journey takes you to places with poor air quality or high altitudes. If you travel long distances, supplemental oxygen can help you stay awake and alert. Driving for long periods can make you tired and affect your reaction time. Many people turn to coffee or energy drinks, but these are high in caffeine, sugar and other potentially harmful ingredients. They can also lead to a sugar crash later on, which in turn causes fatigue. Boost Oxygen provides healthy oxygen without side effects and can be a natural source of energy.

Oxygen for your home emergency kit

Most medical emergencies occur at home. Although you can't plan for all types of emergencies, it's a good idea to have a reliable emergency kit on hand to help yourself or a loved one in those crucial minutes before emergency services arrive. Every medicine cabinet should have plasters, gauze bandages, gloves, alcohol swabs, aspirin, burn gel, antibiotic ointment, adhesive tape, tweezers and scissors. In health emergencies, it is common for first responders and paramedics to administer medical oxygen to the patient. Oxygen is vital to life. Did you know that oxygen can be given to EVERYONE because no one is allergic to oxygen? Your body needs oxygen for energy production, brain health, tissue and organ function, metabolism and much more. So it makes sense to add extra oxygen to your home emergency kit.

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