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How to use Boost Oxygen + Frequently Asked Questions

How to use Boost Oxygen + Frequently Asked Questions

When people first discover Boost Oxygen doses, they usually have several questions about the product. One common question is: How do I use Boost Oxygen? In this post, we explain how easy it is to use the oxygen cans and answer some other common questions about Boost Oxygen.

How to use Boost Oxygen pure oxygen cans

  • Each Boost Oxygen can is sealed to protect it from dirt and bacteria - so first remove the protective seal.
  • Then place the mask/mouthpiece UNDER your nose and cover your mouth. Do not cover your nose with the mask.
  • Press the trigger down to start the flow of oxygen and breathe in deeply, inhaling for 1-3 seconds and then exhaling.
  • Repeat this 3-5 times as needed.

Frequently asked questions about Boost Oxygen:

How many breaths does each can contain?

The 3 litre bag size of Boost Oxygen is equivalent to approximately 60 seconds of continuous oxygen flow. Medium Boost Oxygen cans contain 5 litres of oxygen, which is equivalent to up to 100 one-second breaths. Large Boost Oxygen cans contain 10 litres of oxygen, which is equivalent to over 200 seconds of continuous oxygen flow or over 200 one-second breaths. 

How do I know when the can is empty? 

Boost Oxygen is only filled into the can (similar to a tyre). No aerosols or propellants are used. When you use the can, you can hear and feel the flow of oxygen. As the can empties, the pressure of the oxygen flow from the can decreases until it is finally empty. When the oxygen stops flowing (and you can no longer hear or feel it), the can is empty. 

How long does a can last? 

Boost Oxygen cans remain pressurised and have a shelf life of up to 5 years. Boost Oxygen cans contain 95% pure oxygen. 

What about the other 5%? 

The other 5% is "ambient air", which is the normal air you are breathing. Normal air is 21% oxygen and 78% nitrogen. The other 5% is simply normal air that is part of the normal can printing process.

Can I recycle the cans? 

Yes, the entire can (including the top mouthpiece/face mask) is made from 100% recyclable aluminium and food grade materials. you can throw Boost Oxygen cans in any recycling bin. 

Are there any side effects from excessive use of oxygen? 

No, there are no side effects from excessive use of supplemental oxygen like Boost Oxygen. However, people who use MEDICAL oxygen excessively may experience mild side effects such as skin irritation and dryness in the nasal or throat passages. A humidifier or ointments can help prevent and treat dryness. There are also cases of oxygen toxicity with excessive use, but these are extremely rare and require many hours of hyperventilating pure medical oxygen. Please note that these are possible side effects of medical oxygen therapy and not of a supplemental oxygen product such as Boost Oxygen. Medical oxygen you receive in hospital or from a doctor is 99.2% pure oxygen. Boost Oxygen is 95% pure supplemental oxygen. 

Is oxygen flammable? 

This is by far the most common misconception we see about oxygen. Oxygen itself is NOT flammable and does NOT burn. However, it can support a EXISTING fire, so it is dangerous to use any oxygen tank near anything flammable as it will make the fire burn faster. In other words, oxygen is not the problem - the existing fire is. 

Can I take Boost Oxygen on the plane? 

Although Boost Oxygen is a completely natural and safe product, the FAA and TSA do not allow recreational oxygen cylinders in carry-on or checked baggage. 

Why are the cans so light? 

Oxygen gas is virtually weightless. Sealed Boost Oxygen cans are very light, but they are guaranteed to be full. The weight of a full can feels empty because the oxygen inside has no perceptible mass. This weight advantage makes Boost Oxygen cans convenient to carry around.

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