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The new TRX products have arrived

The new TRX products have arrived

Have you seen the hottest new products from TRX?

TRX's most innovative products are here to perfectly complement your home gym or studio. Whether you're a beginner or advanced. 

The new TRX Kevlar series is specially designed for demanding workouts. The Kevlar fiber gives incredible strength, with low weight due to its heat-resistant and robust technology. That's why it's even used in aircraft construction and for military protective clothing. Try it now: You'll be amazed with how many different exercises you can do with it. This makes exercising fun.  

Whether at home, outdoors or in the gym, the new TRX products are a great addition to your fitness routine. Try new challenges and optimize your performance and fitness goals.  

From the Weight Vest, which adds an extra challenge to any exercise, to the Sand Disc, which excels for core exercises, each new product is carefully crafted and designed by fitness professionals for maximum quality.

The new TRX Training Mat is an innovation in suspension training, as now, thanks to the practical lines, you can measure your progress or perfect your yoga exercises.

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