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Fitagon Shiatsu Massager

99,00 CHF
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Do you often suffer from neck pain? Do you feel tense and your muscles are stiff? The Fitagon Shiatsu Massager helps you to ease your tension, relieve headaches and feel fresh again after a long day at work.

Shiatsu massage comes from Japan and means "finger pressure massage". The Fitagon Shiatsu Massager imitates this finger pressure to give you the feeling of a shiatsu massage at home or in the car. 

The Fitagon Shiatsu Massager has ügt 16 massage heads, which allow you to enjoy an optimal massage experience. The operation is very easy and practical due to the 4 visually different buttons. It has a built-in heat function, which can be turned on and off depending on your needs. The massage direction changes automatically every minute, but can also be controlled manually. The Fitagon Shiatsu Massager has three different speed levels, which allows you to find the right speed, respectively the right intensity for you.

The Shiatsu Fitagon Massager can be used for the whole body. Areas such as neck, shoulders, Rücken, Hüfte, legs and Füsse can be massaged easily and gem  


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