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Lummic reaction lights set of 6

389,00 CHF
SKU: AMY-TF700105
Availability:  Available
Product Details

The Lummic set of 6 reaction lights is the ultimate solution for training your reaction skills. This set offers a wide range of benefits:

The reaction lights enable versatile training that improves speed, reflexes and coordination. With six glowing lights that respond to touch, you can perform various exercises and training sessions to sharpen your reactions and increase your physical fitness.

The high quality of these lights ensures long life and durability, even during intense training sessions. They are designed to withstand the demands of athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Easy integration into various training programs makes the Lummic 6-piece set of reaction lights an indispensable training partner. Whether you're into sports training, fitness or rehabilitation, these lights provide you with the tools to boost your performance and achieve your goals.

Experience the benefits of this innovative training device and challenge yourself as you take your reaction skills to the next level. With the Lummic set of 6 reaction lights, you're ready to embark on a more effective and exciting workout.

Key Specifications
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  • Oversize
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  • Gewicht g
  • Genaue Farbbezeichnung
  • Fitness Zubehörtyp
    Schnelligkeit & Reaktion
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